Short Story

Six Socks and a Pizza Box

A triumphant story of three men who take an unconventional stand against the world. A woman in Poland visits a Zoo and an anonymous online presence observes the stories' folds and falls.

Short Story

Cheat Code

A man  discovers a cheat code that gives him a digital existence in which he can drive a pixalated car and kiss his perfectly rendered wife. In this arresting tale the ideas of home and happiness come head to head in a Fifa match.

Short Story

Long and Complicated

In this tribute to George Michael we learn about the dangers of Prawn Cocktail and observe the Moon from Cwmbran. Two strangers exchange words and one of them shouts into an unusual hole.



What's the best way to share a dream? How do you get that almost-flying-but-definitely-drowning-and-running-from-yourself-in-slow-motion-feeling across to the listener? I don't have the answers, but I have the dreams.


ShopJob: A Guide to Liberation

In this document you will find a range of creative ways to subvert the actions within the shop job role. allow your actions to become part performance and interrogate your position in space through suggested scores, movements and actions and thoughts.

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