This Could Be Us

A solo performance on the mind-body divide, exploring visions of our internal landscape(s) and the relationships we have with our anatomy. 

The performance invites a dialogue around bodily continuity, ownership and identity. By mapping the terrain of The Body the audience are invited to locate their own bodily experience and identify both ways of fracture and ways of healing.

When I was younger I used to have conversations with different parts of my body; I’d sit my bum down on the toilet, tell my legs to hang loose, and go through whatever was on my mind with my not-so-private ‘private parts’. I got really good at reaching my foot up to my cheek like it was telling me a secret and I could always reminisce with the large freckle on my right thumb, (he’d been there ages). I’ve always felt distant from my body and perhaps it’s not uncommon for individuals with an experience of prolonged medical intervention or treatment. I felt this distance grow and grow and grow, to the point that we became strangers on opposite sides of a scar.

©2017 Dino Rovaretti