Swimming Birds

"Swimming Birds is a provocative and haunting expression of transformation, memory and abstracted imaginings. Tenderly personal and yet ever universal in its simplicity and imagery; the piece was simultaneously warm and aloof, tender and brutal.

The audience are treated to sumptuous and pleasing visual narratives which recurred throughout the piece, taking often sinister turns as the work progresses. Always in safe hands though, we are  taken to the brink of some big ideas, left wondering for a moment whether we are to be submerged completely, only to have our senses whisked in another direction by clever visuals, arresting turns of phrase and changes of direction . 

Dino leads the audience expertly through an interior but comfortably familiar personal landscape; interweaving macro and micro with ease and wit. Through charming reminiscence, warm contact with the audience and a down to earth and skewed style of storytelling spiked with stark live art sensibilities. Five Stars". 

Liz Clarke - Performance Artist


©2017 Dino Rovaretti