Performance. Intervention. Research.

These selected works are a range of theatre pieces, interventions designed for festivals and alternative spaces, and research projects commissioned to explore the applications of performance.

Double Figures

Using collated data from a range of unexpected sources Dino conjures extraordinary stories in a unique one-man-show about lines, dots and numbers


A research and development project investigating solo-autobiographical performance-making at the paediatric bedside.

A Different You

A performance exploring seeing, spectatorship and processes of (self)identification. Through fragmented text and movement the solo performer becomes both subject and object in the theatrical frame.

Missing Bear

A project including a series of small performances, critical writing and a full length theatre show exploring Dino's real life journey through loss and losing his very own favourite teddy bear.


This interactive text instillation is part of a series of actions on bridges that explore the site as a liminal space. Appropriated text is reconfigured and re-articulated in poignant and amusing ways.

Shop-Job (the liberation)

A practice-as-research project exploring the 'shop-job' as performance. This project offers a guide to making performance as part of a shop-job.

Swimming Birds

A solo performance locating personal identity in generic environments. Through poetry and movement spaces are unearthed and former selves are reflected in the windows of a cloud that looks like a car. Artifice frames an intimate encounter with the future, reconciling hope and fiction, perspective and certainty.

This Could Be Us

Through a collage of spoken text and movement ‘The Body’,as a conceptual space in which we identify ourselves as human, comes under investigation. Using ritual and endurance the live body oscillates between positions of authority and submission.

©2017 Dino Rovaretti