A Different You

Using live video, projection, a smartphone and a dictophone the piece explores what it means to be the real you and ways of seeing eachother. 

'Sometimes, when I’m using public transport- say a bus, I stand with my feet in 1st position (it’s when your heels are touching and the rest of your feet are pointing out). I’d like people to think that I’m a dancer and that I just stand this way because my body is the body of a dancer. If I think that they still need convincing as I’m stepping off the bus I do a sort of demi-plie and point my leg out through the door as it opens, then I can almost hear them seeing me and talking in their head voices saying: ‘Oh what a dancer, what a skill'. 

Comfort might be found in an identity that is visible and in some sense stable but invisible identities and identities that are unfixed problematize the frameworks with which one might see and be seen.

©2017 Dino Rovaretti